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Q:How to evaluate the price for an image?


A:Prices vary depending on several factors:


- geometric complexity of the model

- material complexity of the project (blurred reflections, translucent materials, transparent, etc. require increased adjustment and calculation time)

- image size and resolution

- phases to be undertaken: modeling (or you provide the model), rendering (material, light and camera settings), post-production (2d retouching).

- number of images: degressive rates according to the number of viewpoints to be produced


Nevertheless, to obtain a precise answer, I invite you to contact me via the dedicated page for a quote (free).




Q:Within how many days will the image be delivered?


A:Generally, the final image will be delivered to you within 7 days. If you provide the model, a time of adjustment of this one compared to the software of rend is required. In the other case, if the process requires modeling, it will take 3 to 5 additional days.




Q:What are the steps for placing an order?


A:After acceptance of the estimate follow:


       - downloading of documents (you submit the plans, sections and elevations necessary for the modeling - these must represent all the elements of the project that you wish to appear in the image must be represented, whatever the progress of your design, even that summary modifications are made during the mission)

       - modelization

       - summary highlighting (first preview)

       - precision points of view

       - applying materials (second preview)

       - final calculation

       - post production (addition of sky, characters, vegetation)

- finalization (calibration, aesthetic filters, contrast, brightness, exposure, etc.)

       - delivery


You can monitor the progress of your image via regularly updated previews (at least once at each step listed  above except during modeling).


In order to guarantee a timely delivery while maintaining a high quality standard, modifications to be made to the model as well as.......................... ................................




Q: What about image rights?


A:Assignment of publication and reproduction rights, all other rights reserved to NZ-IA.


Naturally, the paternity of the project represented returns to you but any modification (cropping included) of the images remains subject to prior approval.

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